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Aerial Survey and Mapping

Aerial Survey and Mapping

Our specialized fleet, reliable equipment and extraordinary pilots exceed the demanding standards set forth by IAGSA. Rampart Aviation, LLC (Rampart), together with its technical partner ARKeX, Limited (ARKeX) have been successfully acquiring Full Tensor Gravity Gradiometry, Magnetic and LiDAR surveys since 2008.

Rampart Aviation currently operates specially designed aircraft for international geophysical survey operations. The aircraft are currently fitted with:

Aerial-Survey-2Rampart’s surface mapping & geophysical survey aircraft are capable of worldwide deployment for oil and mineral survey and are able to generate 3D maps for use in subsurface exploration operations.

Our flight crews operate from remote dirt strips in the most difficult conditions and are highly experienced in the logistical requirements needed for the mission.

Aerial-Survey-1Rampart Aviation and ARKeX are on permanent standby to support the survey aircraft and deployed teams. In the event that the aircraft has a maintenance issue that affects the overall project, Rampart will immediate launch a team from North Carolina to correct the maintenance issue. Overall support and logistics are conducted permanently on a “mission critical” status. Any logistics requirements will be handled with couriers and aircraft-on-ground (AOG) response mechanisms.