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Maintenance Repair and Overhaul

Maintenance Repair and Overhaul

Rampart’s Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) capabilities include servicing a wide variety of aircraft on regular FAA maintenance intervals for both Part 91 and 135 operations. Our MRO facility currently maintains over $3 million in aircraft parts, including hard-to-find parts and equipment that typically require long procurement lead times. All FAA certified A&P and IA mechanics are extremely experienced in several aircraft types including the CASA 212, Beechcraft King Air, Cessna Caravan, and De Havilland Twin Otter and Caribou Aircraft. Our mechanics have extensive turbine engine expertise that allows our in-house maintenance staff to efficiently perform all aspects of turboprop maintenance.

Rampart offers a broad range of aircraft maintenance services, to include heavy maintenance and overhaul capabilities. Rampart operates and maintains our own aircraft with Rampart employees and yet we have the ability and experience to “contract-out” any specialized maintenance as required. In fact, we have a global maintenance capability that is often seen in much larger companies.

Rampart Aviation is a premier aviation maintenance service provider that has founded its reputation on building, managing and leading teams of maintenance professionals.

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Rampart Aviation’s Capabilities

Organizational Maintenance

Organizational / Owner-level upkeep maintenance on aircraft and equipment. Phase and Special inspections. Servicing, lubrication, corrosion control and aircraft painting applications. Removal and replacement of parts and components. Systems operations rigging and troubleshooting.

Aircraft Flight Line Operations

Daily, Turn-Around, Pre & Post flight inspections and servicing. Launch and Recovery operations. Execution of Squadron Flight Schedules. Plane Captain and Aircraft Handlers training and certification. Aircraft Fueling and De-fueling Operations. Hazardous Material control and Aircraft Wash facilities.

Intermediate Maintenance

OEM and specialized equipment material support. Component disassembly, manufacturing, fitting and assembly. Calibration, repair, test bench operation. Non-Destructive Inspection (NDI), aviation welding and repair. Emergency manufacturing of non-available parts.

Overhaul Maintenance

Rework, major overhaul and rebuilding of parts, assemblies and aircraft. Disassembly, repair and assembly of aircraft engines. Modification, testing, inspecting and reclamation of aircraft and components.